The Praying Christian Assembly

Founded on the four pillars of holiness, evangelism, interecession and prosperity, The Praying Christian Assembly also known as The Good Tidings Church is a launchpad to help people discover their destinies in God and receive deliverance from the works of darkness. We have one primary goal which is captured in our vision: turning sinners to saints and saints to soldiers.

Our mission is to win the world through worshipping in Spirit and in Truth, warfaring in persistent prayers and intercessions, witnessing from coast and coast to the reached and the unreached even to the farthermost part of the earth, working the Word with Signs and Wonders by the demonstration of Power through obedience and faith, winning heaven at all cost.

Our Outreaches

Mighty to Save Crusades

Open air and mass crusades where there is demonstration of the living Jesus as the preaching of the gospel is proven through great signs and wonders.

Silent Invasions

Our Silent Invasions Youth Programs are held in schools and communities to rescue the teeming youth populations who are yet unaware of God’s great plan for their lives and salvation. This outreach uses all methods at all costs to reach the lost souls before they are lost forever in hell.

Calvary Crusaders Ministries

This is the outreach arm of the church mandated to reach the innermost parts of nations and farthermost parts of the earth with the Mighty to Save gospel power of Jesus Christ with evident saving of souls.

Come with us and the Lord will do you good!

Join us to extend the frontiers of God’s kingdom and enforce His will on earth