You need to develop a balanced perspective about life — life is not meant to be endured life is meant to be enjoyed. However you cannot enjoy life when you are a prisoner. (Acts 16:19-29). In this teaching we’ll discuss five kinds of prisons that hold people captive.

1. You can be a prisoner on the way to the palace

Like Joseph, you can be a prisoner because of your dreams. God first takes you down before He takes you up. When you’re on your way to fulfilling your dreams you are first going to look battered and tattered. But it’s not your end, you’re just passing through.

That was what happened to Paul and Silas. And did you notice what they did? They prayed and sang! They did not keep quiet even in their pain. In the same way, you must not keep quiet. You must deliver yourself with your mouth. Don’t be like James who kept quiet until Herod beheaded him.

Keep speaking God’s word. Continue to decree and work out the supremacy of divine counsel over the situation. You must realise that life will not give you what you desire but what you demand.

2. The prison of ignorance

The greatest question of destiny is the question of identity. You need to know who you are. Who you are determines where you are meant to be.

You’ve probably heard the story of the eaglet that grew with chickens by an accident of sorts. Having lived all his life with chickens he pecked and played in the dirt with them. Then one day a mother eagle flew close enough and the eaglet suddenly realised, “This is who I am!”

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He only needed to look at the future and take off in the direction of that future. A wise man has rightly observed that every man’s mountain is their own ignorance. Ignorance is when you don’t know who you are, where you are going, what you ought to be doing. Every ignorant man is a man whose identity is already entrapped.

How do you break free from the prison of ignorance? Look unto an example. See someone who is already where you seek to be and follow that person. The example I’m talking about here is Jesus. Look unto Jesus. You need to know who Jesus is, what Jesus did and what He lives for. Everything is possible to him who can look unto Jesus.

3. The prison of loneliness

The devil will want to do everything to break you away from your destiny helpers. He wants to separate you to destroy you. Don’t allow him. Cultivate and nurture vital relationships that God has ordained for your fulfilment in life. Three categories of relationships you must especially treasure are fathers, friends and family.

You need a father

Every destiny has a cover and that cover is a father. Go to a church where the pastor knows you. Don’t go to a church to hide. Your pastors are your moulders and trainers.

Don’t allow the devil to separate you from your father — spiritual or physical. You cannot live without the blessing of your father. Something is missing in your life without a father. If you no longer have a physical father, God will give you a spiritual father.

Don’t separate from the father God has appointed for you. It was David’s father that sent him on the errand that promoted him. Fathers are arrow shooters. They shoot you into your God-ordained destiny. You need a spiritual father.

You need friends

God can give you covenant friends. There are friends that can take a bullet for another friend. Where would David have been without Jonathan? Jonathan defended the destiny of David with his life. You cannot go alone you; need a covenant friend. For married people your best friend is your spouse. When the enemy wants to imprison you he pitches you against your spouse.

Jesus had twelve friends. Out of the twelve he has three. Out of the three he had one that always laid on his bosom. At the cross he had a friend that was denying him. He had another one to whom he committed his mother.

James’ head was cut off in the prison because he was the only one. Peter and John went back to their company. You must have a company. You need destiny friends. The head of Joseph would have been cut off in the prison if not for the friend he made in prison. I pray for you that there will be a divine joining to friends that matter to your destiny!

The devil will try to push you to be lonely. You must fight it. You need a friend. Don’t be in the prison of loneliness. Now, there are friends that will turn you away from every other friend. Beware of those kinds of friends.
A true friend multiplies your potential. The Bible says that one will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand.

Loneliness is a prison. God has decreed no one will lack a mate.

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You need a family

Anything that wants to make you run out of your father’s house early in life is trying to make a fool out of you. You don’t turn your back to your family. God sets the solitary in families. You need a family. The church is a spiritual family. Anything that wants to scatter a family wants to destroy the lives of the members. Most hooligans are from broken homes. Why couples fight and don’t think is because they are selfish. Family is a piece of united force. The devil hates that.

4. The prison of hopelessness

Why Paul and Silas had to sing is that only the dead are hopeless. The day your hope ends is the day you breathe your last. You must not give up. Maintain the attitude that says, “It is not over until I win.” Keep fighting. As long as a soldier keeps hearing gun shots he is not dead. Every day you wake up into a new day you wake up into a new hope. There is hope for you. Come out of the prison of hopelessness.

Practise these three things to show that you are not hopeless.

a. Singing with joy: Don’t sing songs that confirm your hopelessness. Stop talking hopelessness.

b. Talking positively. Keep talking your expectations. Keep saying it, it will happen. For every need you call forth, the supply will show.

c. Keep trying: Don’t resign to fate. Keep walking in all the light you have and doing all that you ought to do.

5. The prison of people’s opinion

When snake bit Paul people began to talk. They had their opinion — he was a sinner and a wicked man. When they observed that he did not fall down and die as they had hoped, they changed their mind and formed another opinion, saying that he was a god. (Read the story in Acts 28:1-6). Imagine if Paul had been worried about their opinion.

People are entitled to their opinions. If you want to listen to people’s opinions you will not leave where you are. People have what they feel about every matter. What are you feeling? Don’t allow anybody to form your opinion. I can only be me; you can only be you. Be you, let me be me and together we’ll make the world a better place.

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By the word of the Lord, I speak to you that you are breaking free from every prison that has held you captive! Prepare for a flight! When you leave the prison you don’t climb stairs, you take a flight. Joseph did not leave the prison to become a councillor, he left to become prime minister. So shall your testimony be in Jesus’ name.

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