Nothing is more of a loss to God than a believer who is unyielding to be equipped for battle or unwilling to engage the weapons of warfare he possesses in battle against the enemy.
What a loss!

‘And David was then in a hold’

David was a man of vigour, valour and victories. Everyone wanted the experiences of David – slaying the Goliaths – but not everyone wants the consecration of David – he was ordained to be and he lived as a warrior! He was not a young man who enjoyed all the youthful escapades typical of every growing adolescent, but rather chose a life of the wild and the jungle, lonely and painful path of men of destiny, to be trained in the art of warfare and governance.

He was a man of battle. He was trained in an unconventional way. He was trained with the wild as his school, the cold jungle as his classroom, the sheep and goats were his practical specimens, the club, staff and sling were his simple tools and weapons, and the lions and bears were his instructors. No one knew when he was enrolled in that primary school but when He took mock exam before Goliath, everyone knew that this boy had been schooled.

Beloved, Christians are unconventional set of humans, and God shall train us as same. When David stepped out of the jungle, armed with only a sling and stones, he was better than a 45 years old giant Goliath who had been a warrior and fought battles since his youth. This is the wisdom of God – shaping and sharpening his instruments of war in the closet of His furnace, hiding a precious treasure in a jar of clay, that the excellency of power may be of God and that he may confound the strong things of this world with the seemingly weak. David stepped out formed from the jungle and fit for the battles of life. Although he graduated from the jungle to caves and back to the jungle but ultimately, he came to rule as king over all Israel. Everyone wanted a taste of the sweet victories of David but no one wanted the taste of the travails he endured.

Beloved, Christians are unconventional set of humans, and God shall train us as same. Click To Tweet

Since he fought Goliath and won, till death, David never lost one battle all his lifetime. He was a perfect example of an Overcomer. His hands were trained to war and His fingers to battle. At 17, he fought and conquered the most powerful man in Palestine. He became the most important enemy of the state under King Saul and became the most mentioned name on the lips of every Statesman from the Philistine nations to Israel. He was a man feared, revered and honoured. He had audiences with kings, nations sought his help, many men gathered unto him and even the men of his tribe once made him their king.

However, this text under study, 2 Samuel 23:14, was a time between 30 – 40 years of David’s life, David the mightily anointed warrior, was kept in a HOLD. What a pity! You mean David – the giant slayer in a HOLD? The one who the women sang that he killed in ten thousands even when it was only the Goliath’s head that we saw him held in his hand? Is it that same man that brought great deliverance to Israel and much devastation to the Philistines? How come he is in a hold? I decree by the decree of heaven that you shall come out of that hold in Jesus name. God’s program and purpose for and through your life shall come out of the hold in Jesus name!

The HOLD is a word translated from the Hebrew word ‘maw-tsood’ pronounced ‘mautsud’. It means ensnared, entrapped, netted, captured, immobilised, hunted or restricted by walls in a stronghold by a strongman in a strong place. This is so pathetic and pitiable. How could that be that David was in a hold? He begged someone to get him what he used to freely give out to many, because he was in the Hold. He begged for water of the well of Bethlehem! Water – life, hope, comfort, refreshment, freedom! He cried out for water from the Hold! David was restricted by walls in a stronghold by a strongman in a strong place.

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Here, David represents to us God’s plan and program on earth for man and through man. He depicts God’s heartbeat for each generation, His agenda and purpose per time in the history of man. David is that move of God that has been in a state of suspension because of the kinds of believers left on earth. David is that revival or activity that is yet to be unleashed because there are no men to occupy! No man to fight for it. No individual as a soldier! No group of believers as an army! No one to occupy!

David is a type of believer whose gifting is inactive because he is entrapped, whose anointing has lost fragrance because he is captured, whose virtue has drained out because he is ensnared, whose life is in ruins because he is hunted down and whose marriage is in comatose because he is immobilised and wounded. David is that believer whose manifestation has been restricted by the strongman, the Devil! He remains as he is because he refuses to fight! He refuses to hear or chooses to deny or decides to ignore the clarion call of the Commander saying OCCUPY!

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